The Author

Paul Hardy was born in Toronto and attended University of Western Ontario medical school. After a rotating internship at North York General Hospital in 1986-7, he spent a year doing locum work in family practice offices and emergency departments in Ontario and Iqaluit. During a five-year residency in general surgery in Edmonton he also earned his Masters degree in Experimental Surgery at the University of Alberta. He then worked as a surgeon in Bowmanville, Ontario for three years. After a short surgical locum in British Columbia, he settled in Red Deer, where he currently is a general surgeon. Additional employment includes occasional consulting work and a part-time job with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA).

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The cases in the novel were based experiences from 1984 as a medical student through surgical practice until 2009. No cases or characters were derived from consulting work or employment at the CPSA.

Paul currently lives in Alberta with his wife and two children. He enjoys sports and other outdoor activities.

***Special thanks goes out to the editor Dana Sheldon for her work on both books.***

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